Aligning Strategy to Actions for best Performance

Australian based research has shown 48{25f5677c6a0b9f8f846694f49d0834f8d859de39ac1739e855f87bbcddccf686} of Australian businesses assess themselves as being very busy going around in circles, in fact too busy to do the “high gain” activities that will get them where they need to be. This could be for many reasons. What a major case of wasted effort!

Profit is improved by ensuring People are measured by SMART KPIs and rewarded and recognised for work well done. These Key Performance Indicators can be hard to get right and many business owners need help. Do you?

Practices and Procedures need to be consistent, relevant and familiar to enable economies of scale and meet legislative, Industry, Company values and quality standards. Ignorance is no protection anymore, so you need to get these right!

Tracking Performance gives us a chance to assess our staff, what they are doing right, and where they need to improve or develop. Poor performance needs to be managed in a timely way to prevent unrest and dissatisfaction amongst colleagues. This can be one of the biggest challenges Managers face.

Mind Your Ps have a number of tools to measure where your Productivity is at such as:

  1. Australian developed and informative STAR survey. The comprehensive report has a red/orange/green dashboard approach that clearly define your critical Business priorities and give clear indications of the ideal timeframes within which they need to be addressed.
  2. A simple 1 hour audit of your HR documents and processes or highlights your basic needs
  3. An indepth 4 hour audit of your People ralted business Practices. Ideal if you have many HR and business related documents in place, but are conscious they need an upgrade and there are more key gaps to be identified and filled.

Mind Your Ps have access to a wide variety of Australian based tools, cloud based online programs and options to choose between that will give almost immediate access to customised, legal, relevant and Best Practice documents, standards, and frameworks to provide consistency in your Processes, Policies and Procedures. AHHH I Hear the sigh of relief already.

If you would like an audit of your documentation, policies and procedures, want to find out first hand what your business priorities or needs are, need to become compliant in your HR documents and policies or simply have grown and need to go to the next stage of best practice in your HR Practices and Procedures to improve your image, contact Mind Your Ps immediately for a obligation discussion about the options available.