The Human Resources Framework – HRF-101

Developed by HR Coach in partnership with the University of Queensland, Mind Your Ps uses the HRF101 best practice 5 step quality framework as shown in the image below.

The goal of this simple research based framework is to provide a structure around which we design and maintain an annual HR Plan that covers key aspects of the employee life cycle, minimising risk and maximising sustainability:

Sample programmes we use include:

1. Organisation measurement & Planning

STAR WORKPLACE which is a Business Priority and Staff engagement survey. Conducted online, the STAR Workplace is a questionnaire that is completed by your staff , and includes 50 predetermined questions, plus the ability to add in a number of customised questions of your own.

The comprehensive report you receive highlights areas of your business that need attention in the short, medium and longer term. Your business can be benchmarked against other companies in the same industry as you and is a great place to start to create a baseline before we put in pace any plans for improvement. As it can repeated at anytime, it’s a great tool to measure your ROI. If this interests you, call me for more information.

2.  HR Systems and Processes

  • HR database and information system implementation and maintenance
  • HR Plan; Attract, Manage, retain and Exit staff legally and compassionately.

Employee data collection and management is a good habit to get into as it provides insight into what’s working or not working in your processes, whilst increasing the value of your business and reducing risk by capturing employment history and knowledge around your staff.

Many systems provide an Employee self-service function, templates and document “wizards” ,that when utilised, a) cut down your administration time, and b) when they are provided by Australian based Legal firms, can guide you through legally compliant procedures, reducing your risk of exposure.

If managing risk is important to you CONTACT US here.

3. Governance & Compliance

  • HR Compliance Audits
  • Employment contracts
  • Awards & EAs.

Employment law in Australia is complex and ever-changing, and knowing what you can and can’t do with your employees keep many business owners and managers awake at night, wondering if their employee documents and records and employment related actions are legally compliant and It can be an emotionally draining and time stealing activity to be continually checking and cross checking on your own.

Our audits and reviews are designed to identify gaps so they can be created, updated or improved with the required terms and conditions of employment, letting you sleep better at night.

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Designed to Maximise Sustainability:


  • JDs & KPIs
  • Skills Assessments & Learning plan

Performance of your people can easily make or break your organisation.

Research shows People who are aware of their company’s purpose or vision, goals and key success factors, and are provided guidance and communicating about clear expectations are key factors in setting your employees up for success.

Research shows that giving regular, specific and meaningful feedback and demonstrating a commitment to supporting and encouraging their growth and development will also go a long way towards keeping them engaged and passionate about your organisation.

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  • Coaching: Mindset, Self-awareness & Emotional Intelligence
  • Assessments: DiSC, Emotional Intelligence, Instinctive Drives, 5 Behaviours
  • Culture and Values programmes

A commitment to improving self awareness, personal growth and emotional intelligence are the things that will future-proof our organisations in this new word. That means You and Your People.

An objective and experienced coach with a commitment to understanding without judgment, deep listening and a focus on supporting you to take action to achieve your personal goals can be just the thing that makes the difference.

A clearly thought out Company Culture, Purposeful goals and aligned Values are critical to harness the hearts and minds of talented people and when done well, drive employee attachment, satisfaction and performance. Have you got these clearly thought-out, articulated, communicated and assessed?

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