Your People may be your biggest Asset and your biggest Risk
How do you maximise one whilst minimising the other?


Do you stay awake at night worrying about the People who work for you or with you, what to do if you lose them or how to manage them more effectively?
Do you worry about company Productivity and Profits and are constantly thinking about how to improve them?
Do you know you need to tweak your staff Performance to maximise their Potential and make sure they are busy doing what you need them to do on your business not their own whilst at work, but are not sure where to start or where to go next? 

The good news is

You are NOT ALONE!!

Your People are your biggest risk & your biggest asset & that includes YOU

To make the right People decisions, the journey starts with Planning the whole employee life cycle and because replacing them can cost up to 4 times their annual salary, it’s worth getting it as right as you can from the start.

Positioning of your Employer Brand in the employment market is key to attracting and retaining great talent.

Passion of your people for the business is built on being respected, the ability to learn and grow, belonging, doing meaningful work and being on a winning team. This includes aligning your team to your Vision, Mission and values which then form the foundation for a strong and healthy culture, and a sustainable and successful business.

Purposeful planning is key to achieving your goals whilst retaining the flexibility needed to change in response to the market, environment and client needs. Keeping your People’s hearts and minds engaged in this process is always going to improve the chances of you reaching these golas whilst retaining their effort.

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Aligning Strategy to Actions for best Performance

Research has shown Australian businesses assess themselves as being very busy but not particularly productive and its usually because they’re not clear on what they’re aiming for. What a waste of time, effort and money!

Profit can be improved by ensuring your  People are focusing on what you need them to be doing.

Productivity can be measured by results measured against SMART KPIs Are you clear on which are the right ones to pay attention to? Many businesses aren’t.

Processes & Procedures need to be consistent, relevant and comprehensive to minimise your risk around legislation changes and Industry standards. Claiming ignorance no longer offers any protection so you need to get these right.

Performance based conversations give you a chance to give and get feedback from your People, and there’s a lot discussion about what’s the best way to do this. Poor performance and good performance both need to be given the attention they deserve in a timely manner to get the best outcomes.

If you would like an audit of your documentation, policies and procedures, want to find out first hand what your business priorities might be, need to become compliant in your HR documents and policies or simply have grown and need to go to the next stage of your HR Practices and Procedures to mitigate your risks, contact Mind Your Ps immediately for a obligation free discussion about the options available.

Realising your own and your team’s Potential is both rewarding and Profitable for business

Staff engagement and retention is an issue that concerns most businesses. Research shows investment in staff development is a key employee driver.

Showing your willingness to support the career planning, skill development, personal development and self awareness of yourself and your employees are all worthwhile investments to make no matter what generation they may belong to.

Possibilities are what turn up if People are given opportunities, training and are empowered. What could be YOUR Possibilities?

Personalities are determined by our nature (what we’re born with) as well as how we develop based on our upbringing and experiences.(nurture).  Increased awareness of your instinctive drives, working style preferences, strengths and vulnerabilities are imperative to assist you to be the best you can be.  Managing yourself effectively is key to being in stride with yourself. Awareness of other’s styles, preferences, strengths and challenges is the next step which all help you make better choices for yourself whilst developing great relationships.

Emotional intelligence is the latest buzz word in what we need to adapt and survive in this new unknown future.

We use a number of questionnaire based profiles which when teamed with personalised feedback sessions, allow you to discover more about yourself and others. Some we use include: Instinctive Drives, DiSC, 360 degree Feedback, Emotional Intelligence, Productive Conflict, the Passion Index and 5 Behaviours of a Cohesive Team (Based on Patrick Lencioni’s 5 Dysfunctions of a Team) …..  Are you up for more self discovery?

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