Our Philosophy

Mind Your Ps was established in 2008 to work with SME’s or departments of up to 150 staff providing HR Coaching &Consulting services on either a project or full HR plan basis. Previously known as Edwardson Hanlon, our commitment is to “right size” Best Practice Human Resource practices and services taken from the International, National, Corporate and SME market and make them accessible to more Australian SME’s.

We want to help make Aussie workplaces into places that Employers and Employees  alike enjoy coming to and can thrive in by focusing on many aspects of People, Productivity and Potential. Many of us spend a large part of our day working after all.

Our model is a mixture of providing one off or on-going monthly retainer service delivery. We prefer to provide coaching and mentoring to ensure skill transfer to build sustainability in the Companies we work with, however we do provide HR Consulting services, or an Outsourced HR support function if preferred.

Our Purpose (Vision):  

To make Workplaces more Workable for all – so all LOVE to go to work

Our Practice (Mission):     

To coach and consult with employers and employees in SME’s to:

  • Maximise their combined Power; engaging their Passion & developing their Potential
  • improve Productivity and Profit; minimising risk and building sustainability
  • Assisting to clarify their Purpose; to have common inspirational goals

Our Passions (Company Values):

Mutual Success Gain the desired outcome for our clients, their people and ourselves
Life is a Journey Learn from our past, actively choose & create our desired NOW
Openness Be vulnerable & share ourselves, be flexible & offer options
Authenticity Be transparent, honest & courageous, be the change we want to see
Integrity Do what we say by when we say it, respect others needs
Abundance Recognition there is enough of what is needed for all to succeed
Importance of Humanity Live with empathy, appreciate diversity and enjoy similarities, plus: have FUN