Over the last few years, we have had the pleasure to work alongside in service delivery to clients and buy our own services from a number of other organisations who we have found to consistently provide quality support and products. These partners (in no particular order) are as follows:

  • HR  CoachMind Your Ps are proud to be part of the HR Coach International network of HR Coaches. We chose HR Coach due to the ethics and principles of the owner/founder Louise Broekman, plus the programmes we brought access to such as STAR business priority survey, (Australian) National Standard Human Resource Framework 101 and a wide plethora of documents & processes. A major side benefit is the expertise  and companionship we gain access to by being network members, plus there is an associated loval research institute which has been and continues to be instrumental in providing the network members with validated, Australian based, statistically meaningful and ground breaking data on employment trends, business concerns and employee needs year on year. We are proud to belong to this network of professionals. Watch out for the Quarterly HR Research data in our BLOG site.
  • Integro LearningMind Your Ps are Associate members of the Integro Leadership Institute and certified facilitators of a suite of proven & high quality assessment tools  such as DiSC Everything (Workplace/Sales/Management), Trust Inside Assessments (Passion, Flexibility & Trust, Team Alignment survey), Leadership Development pathway and the 363 Feedback tool. Most of my clients have experienced one or other of their tools in our work with them and find them of enormous value.
  • Brentfield UKMind Your Ps are certified facilitators of the EBW (Emotions & Behaviours at Work) Emotional Intelligence Assessment tool. This is a comprehensive look at how each person reacts to and influences their own and others behaviour in the workplace.
  • Expr3ss  – This is a zany and responsive recruitment site that I and a number of my clients use to efficiently and effectively recruit faster and smarter. Timne is of the essence whne looking for talented team members. The team are fabulously helpful and on the spot to respond to any queries or hiccups along the way. You can subscribe to a one off, monthly or annual subscription membership model. I have not found it put us wrong yet, the detailed reports we access gives an accurate great picture of the applicants styles and preferences which greatly helps to see if they will fit your team.
  • Blandslaw – This team led by Andrew &Viv are the preferred suppliers of Employment law advice to the HR Coach network, providing expert & timely help when requested. Their friendly and expert knowledge is widely used by many members of the network including Mind Your Ps and I have no hesitation in recommending their assistance.
  • Complispace – These guys provide a comprehensive web based company branded Intranet which is ideal for companies of 40 staff and above, supplying immediate access to a full suite of up to date HR and WHS related Policies & Procedures, plus a number of workflow driven processes. Because the back end is managed by Complispace (an employment law firm with a focus on, you guessed it – Compliance), any law changes  are loaded up by them for immediate review and release to the Company branded site.  We can help you with it’s tailoring to meet your company needs, plus it’s launch &  implementation.
  • enableHR – Our NEWEST TOY !! enableHR provide a great HR and WHS online document & process management framework which is managed by your company or us, your HR Coach. This cloud based HRIS tool is very user friendly and cost effective. Subscription fees are based on numbers of staff. We manage the start up process for you, and can support you with strat up and on-going HR help & advice too if required. Take a look at the website for a great demo video.
  • Xero – this is one of my own personal business toolkit favourites. It is my online Accounting programme which daily saves my bacon by giving me live financial data and a view of my business.  My Accountant and I both have easy access to my Xero site and we both input data and manage my BAS & PAYG etc in a snap. It now has a payroll module too. I create and send invoices, reconcile my accounts  and get immediate reports SO EASILY. The only thing it doesn’t do is make my cup of tea. Your accountant (or mine) can activate a site for you .
  •  IWS (Integrated Worforce Solutions)an HR Coach partner, IWS offer a fully integrated Rostering & Payroll System. If its time to outsource Payroll beacuse it’s taking up too much of yours or your staff’s time, give me a call and we’ll get started.
  • MPOL Group – these guys are the secret police, they help to sniff out fraud and conduct investigations in a professional & thorough way, helping to deal with the worry and concern in these horrid sitauations. We partner with them and you to deal with sticky situations in a legal and empathetic manner.