Planning to succeed, learning, growing & connecting to your Possibilities and Personality

You will have heard if you fail to plan, you plan to fail. To develop the full potential of a company and it’s People, effective and timely planning, communication  and implementation of the Plan is crucial which needs to be relevant and actionable.

Staff engagement is an issue that worries all business owners, local research shows that investment in staff development can assist here. Career planning, skill development, self / personal development and awareness are all worthwhile investments for a company to make no matter what generation staff may be lumped into.

Directly linking investment in the development of your People to the needs of the business + the interests of the individual  = increased staff retention.

Planning is required at all levels of the business for success. Your People need to know what business goals are in your head and how they fit into the Plan. They also need to hear and see it consistently to remain on track, don’t keep it to yourself and expect them to do what you want them to.

Possibilities are what turn up if People are given opportunities, training and interest. What are YOUR Possibilities?

Personalities are determined by our nature (given to us at birth)and our nurture (taught to us as we grow).  Self awareness of our styles, preferences, strengths and challenges is one of the best gifts to be given, because then we can make the conscious choice to change or not. Awareness of other’s styles, preferences, strengths and challenges gives us the opportunity to be generous toward others, Emotional intelligence and maturity allow us to demonstrate great leadership by “flexing” to meet their needs and be accountable for the quality of our interactions. We use a number of profiles which increase our understanding of ourselves and others. DiSC, 360 (+3) Feedback loops, Emotional Intelligence reports…..  Are you up for it??

Contact Mind Your Ps to find out how we can help with your Planning, development of Potential and understanding the stremgths and challenges of how you act and behave. Come on be brave and CALL to take me up on the challenge.