Your Biggest risk & your Biggest asset, that includes YOU

People are the engine room of any business, from you the business owner who started or runs the business now, through the Managers and Supervisors to the People on the floor who get the job done – if you have multiple layers. If it’s just YOU, then it’s even more important to lay a great foundation yourself by establishing your own structured Practices and Procedures before you then bring staff on.

For People to contribute their best at any level, research shows they must feel comfortable and safe, respected, trusted, appreciated and invested in.

To make the right People decisions, the journey starts with employment or recruitment. Replacing staff costs between 2-4 times their annual salary so it’s critical to get it as right as you can upfront.

Positioning of your company brand – your Employer Brand – in the employment market is key to attracting and retaining great talent.

Powerful and consistent communication Pathways are imperative to engage and inform your staff of what you want and need from them. It’s best to start as you mean to go on, but it’s not too late yet.

Participation and active engagement of your staff acting for your business success is critical for sustainable success.

Contact Mind Your Ps to find out how to maximize your People investment. We have a number of valuable solutions to improve Performance, develop their Potential, connect to their Purpose andf Passion, get on track with Productivity and improve team dynamics. Don’t wait ’til it becomes a problem, be Proactive and CALL us now.