Keeping your Business Passion alive

You may have inherited a business, started one, brought or fallen into one by chance, you may work for someone else and be at any level from CEO to floor staff, one thing is sure, most of you will experience the loss of your passion for your business or work from time to time.

So what gets in the way? A plethora of reasons I hear include DOING the work yourself & working IN not ON the business, not having enough time, the uncertain or changing economy, the Government red tape, ongoing staff/manager issues distracting progress, others or your own negativity, not having enough money, the pace of constant change, plain old fatigue from trying to be everything to everyone, personal changes, hating what you do, being left behind……..the list goes on!!!

So how can you uncover, clarify further, regain or rejuvenate your Passion for your business or job? I have 3 tips for you to action. 

Tip # 1: Know your PURPOSE, the WHAT for and WHY you do what you do in the first place. Your Purpose gives access to sustainable Passion, Inspiration & Energy, then the strategies, day to day tactics & values driven behaviour are the HOW you and the team does it.

Take a moment to reflect on what your Purpose is. Is it; to send your kids to the best school, save the planet, make lives easier and more workable, eliminate poverty, provide jobs for others, fundraise to support medical research to change lives. Whatever it is, it must be REAL enough for you to remain Passionate about against all odds.

Tip # 2: Ensure your PURPOSE is BIGGER than just you.  Being involved in a bigger game than just your own personal gain really does feed your dreams and Passions to keep them alive. When your bigger Purpose is aligned to your innate nature of being human, involving your own values plus be in the interests of your communities and clans, it only draws bigger and better performances from you then others.

Recall the passion and drive of the Olympians to do their best for their country as well as achieve their own personal bests; consider Oprah Winfrey’s wide and on-going philanthropy supporting young women, think also of the continuous efforts of scientists dedicated to years of  research to find new cures for various ailments.

Tip # 3: SHARE it with others.  When you Passionately articulate & communicate your Purpose, you engage the hearts & minds of others including your staff, giving you support in the doing & the dreaming. Think; Mandela, Gandhi, Martin Luther King, Bill & Melinda Gates. 

You can’t do it all forever on your own, no matter how independent you want to be we all need help & assistance at some point or other. Sharing your Purpose also keeps you on track and accountable on a much wider scale than just living in your own head.

My belief is that many of the reported 75% of businesses that fail within their first 5 years have missed being clear on their Purpose in the first place. Providing a product or service just because you like it, may not be enough to sustain you past the first few barriers to success. Being clear on your business Purpose, having it be bigger than you and have others engaged in the process to achieve it assists to build resilience, giving the Power and synergies needed to push through barriers to find workable solutions.

So, I strongly recommend you take time out and ask for help if needed, to rediscover your Purpose and revitalise your Passion. If you have tried to do your best but nothing is bringing it back, maybe it’s simply time to make that change to follow your heart and real Passion after all. Life is too short to have no Passion.

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